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Hola amigos, my name is Rob Machado! My only mission with this blog is to help all bros and gals out there choose the best skateboard for their needs and maintain the board the best they can.

To help me achieve this goal, I’ve got my bros and pals at my local skatepark united. Together, we aim to provide the most up-to-date info and advice for those who are struggling with choosing the first board or fixing problems with their boards.

In this blog, you’ll find:

  • Great information about skateboards, longboards, and their benefits for your health and mind.
  • Honest reviews about the different brands and products available on the market today.
  • Super helpful tutorials and how-to guides to fix any problems with your board quick, easy, and cheap

Although I’m the founder of the blog, I do not claim to be more knowledgeable than anyone else. I truly think our community together will be much more powerful and experienced than any individuals alone. That’s why, I’m very glad to welcome you to the family. I hope you’ll have fun while continuously improving your skateboarding skills!

Now, let me introduce you to some of my best bros who has helped me a ton in creating this blog.

First up, it’s me I’ve been skateboarding for quite a while. I started it when I was still in high school. At that time, you know, it felt so darn difficult to even get the tricks right. Slowly, I mastered it. Most of the tricks are a piece of cake for me now. I’m planning on building a ramp so I can take my skills to the next level.

Meet David L. Murrell. He calls himself Thunder. You know, because he moves fast. You’ve got to see his zig-zag moves. Awesome, awesome stuff! We’ve been friends for years. He’s a funny, down-to-earth, and amazing friend. We’re very happy to have him on board.

Here’s Jessie T. Dunaway saying hello to everyone out there! She loves taking photos with here skateboard against those graffiti art walls. Her skateboard looks the most dope out of all the ones in our team. The most amazing thing is she did all of the painting all by herself. She definitely needs to work on her tricks, because they’re just bad. We’re happy to have you here!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. Stay tuned for more helpful posts and awesome conversations! Have fun!

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